• June 30, 2017

Where To Go In North Las Vegas When You Travel There

Where To Go In North Las Vegas When You Travel There

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Although Las Vegas is known for the beautiful casinos like the Luxor, Bellagio, or even Circus Circus, little is known about the northern portion according to most people. They may not go there, believing that there is absolutely nothing to do, completely preoccupied with the larger portion of the city. It is true there’s not that much to do by comparison to everything that’s available on the Las Vegas strip, but there are still many things that you can experience. Let’s go over a couple of the attractions that you will get to see when you go to North Las Vegas.

Dempsey Off-Road Adventures

Instead of spending all of your time inside of a casino, you might want to go out into the wilderness. You may not have been into the desert portion of Nevada before, and this excursion will definitely take you there. You will be in safe hands as you get to ride ATVs that will take you into remote areas. You will have a guide with you so you will not get lost, and they will take you to some of the more exciting places just outside of the Vegas area. There is one other excursion that you will want to go on which is actually a little more popular than this one.

Las Vegas ATV Tours

This is the ATV tour package that most people take, although the other one is just fine. This is going to be one of the better off-road tours that you will ever experience in Nevada. You will get to see these unique areas that most people are not even aware exist. As long as you are traveling during the late fall, or early spring, it’s not going to be too hot and you may actually want to return in order to do this once again.

North Las Vegas is not known for the glitz and glamour of the incredible casinos that are all throughout Las Vegas. However, you do have these other activities that you can do. Once you have experienced them, you will certainly be ready and willing to do them again, especially if you are into outdoor activities and writing ATVs. You can book these excursions online when you are getting your hotel for the North Las Vegas area. It will help you have a completely different perspective of the city that’s primarily known for its casinos.

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