• June 30, 2017

What To Do Once You Get To North Las Vegas

What To Do Once You Get To North Las Vegas

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A trip into Nevada will be absolutely incomplete unless you go to Vegas. It is the city that everyone talks about. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world in regard to architecture, sitting in the midst of what would appear to be a large desert. In the northern area of Las Vegas, there are many places that you can stay. It is a location that some people choose because they don’t like to stay in the casinos. This is fine because you are only a few miles away from the Las Vegas strip and all of the activities that make Vegas so popular.

Activities You Can Do In The Northern Part Of Las Vegas

The first thing you should do is a little bit of hiking. Red Rock Canyon is not that far away. You can either do this on foot, which is a lot more exciting for some, whereas others will prefer a helicopter ride. You could actually do the entire Canyon in under an hour going out well over 100 miles an hour. It’s a great place to visit, and if you can, have the helicopter fly over the city so you can see how wonderful Las Vegas is. Once you have done that, and perhaps a couple of the others, it’s time to take your vacation outside of Las Vegas itself.

Tours Outside Of North Las Vegas

Once you have been to the smaller casinos that are in this northern area, and you have gone to Las Vegas itself, you may feel as if you need to expand your horizons and go outside of the city for a while. For those that have not been to the Grand Canyon, instead of driving for four hours, you can take a helicopter or plane ride that will take you to the south or west rim. You might even get to do a little bit of rafting, depending upon the trip that you schedule, and you can also flyover Hoover Dam.

North Las Vegas may not be as popular as Las Vegas itself. There are no towering casinos that boggle the imagination. It’s a regular place, but it’s close enough to Vegas where you will be able to experience a much more quiet aspect of Las Vegas, all the while being close enough to the incredible sites and experiences that only the Las Vegas strip can provide.

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