We present a fresh visualization of market emotion, bid/ask orders drive price change.

Take Control Of Bid/Ask Order Volume Data

  • Filter bid/ask orders for inside market volume.
  • Apply indicators to bid/ask orders.
  • View bid/ask orders real-time and historical.

Visualize Unique Customizable Charts

  • Data - trade execution and bid/ask orders.
  • Series - price, time, volume, message count.
  • Views - over 40 chart types such as bubble, area, stacked column, and kagi.

Leverage Various Technical & Fundamental  Perspectives

  • Financial Chart
  • Flex Chart
  • Market Depth Table
  • Browser with Widgets
  • RSS Streamer

Create Personalized Window Layouts

  • Personalize each window size and location.
  • Save and load window positions.
  • Import and export window layouts.
  • Customize and filter charts, urls, rss feeds, and widgets
  • Quickly change symbol for all windows.

Our Solution. Powerful and Simple.

Cross over to a new level of understanding.  Contact us for a free demonstration of this powerful and easy to use market visualization tool.

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  • You control the solution
  • We present the data

Demo Video (100 sec)

  • Gain the edge
  • Realize your potential

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  • Anticipate price trends
  • Seize opportunities

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